Neighbourhood Support Waitakere is a community based programme that aims to make our homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and a more caring place to live in.


There is no cost for joining our network and you have the assurance of being a part of a network that has over 8000+ households that are registered in Waitakere.


Our Committee – Is the Governing body of Neighbourhood Support Waitakere, the roles are filled by valuable volunteers who share the ideals of our organisation.

The Office – Our Office is currently managed by Two Coordinators, who cover the Administration, City Coordinator and Junior Neighbourhood Support roles by a shared arrangement. Our Coordinators are the face of NSW who strive to ensure the continued growth and success of NSW.

Area Contact – An Area Contact is the point of contact for Street Contacts and we encourage the sharing of information about community events, crime/suspicious behaviour etc via our network. We presently have 13 Area Contact who cover specific areas and are always looking for more to cover areas that do not presently have one. All Area Contacts are required to complete a Police Clearance Check and have a good understanding of our organisation and goals. They are also the point of contact For the Street Contacts in their area.

Street Contacts - Groups work best where there is a street contact that is the point of contact for our staff and area contacts; we suggest a back up support person for the group also. An active group is the best way to fight crime, promote communication and connecting with neighbours, creating resilient, connected streets, neighbourhoods and communities.

We encourage new street contacts to identify key skills & resources in their streets e.g.:

Events – someone who will organise their street, whether it be a Street BBQ, Xmas get together, Pot Luck dinner…..

Skill Base: Do you have? A Doctor, Nurse, some one with current first aid, Plumber, Electrician, Mechanic, Builder etc. Resource base: Does your street have the ability to cope in the event of an emergency? Do you have access to a generator, marquee, tank water etc?

All new Street Contacts attend a one time training session which provides you with the information & resources to get you started with setting up your group.

Individual Members/Residents – individual residents are welcome to join and receive our fortnightly emails, inclusive responsive is our motto.

NSW send out key safety messages, in a fortnightly email.

Strategic Partnerships:

NZ Police – community liaison, access to advice and ongoing community support, resources, Intel, events, continued promotion of community safety and prevention first strategies to our members.

Auckland Council – Community Safety West liaison, resources, events, funding support.

NZ Fire – community liaison, promoting key fire wise messages to members, support with the Junior Neighbourhood Support Program, resources, events.

Civil Defence – community liaison, promoting get ready – get thru messages to members, resources, events.

We appreciate the ongoing support from:
Auckland Council, The Trusts, Civil Defence Emergency Management, and COGS

We also thank our volunteers who work tirelessly with fundraising efforts, along with special mention to our members who generously donate to our organisation.

Neighbourhood Support Waitakere = Encouraging COMMUNICATION, CONNECTING neighbours, enhancing and creating resilient COMMUNITIES.


So what's stopping you from joining a Neighbourhood Support Group today?

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