Graffiti Education


In July 2008 Neighbourhood Support Waitakere received funding from the Ministry of Justice to create a Graffiti Education Programme for Primary and Intermediate children in Waitakere City.

A six lesson programme about the illegal implications of tagging and vandalism was developed Topics covered included the negative impacts on our community, both emotional and physical, understanding graffiti/tagging, where it’s happening, and what we can do about it. A positive art element was included as part of the process of changing attitudes.

The four schools involved were West Harbour School, Birdwood School , Royal Road Primary and Don Buck Primary. The programme involved a total of 50 students who were identified as either being interested in furthering an art career or those who had had problems with tagging in the past.

One of the highlights of the programme was the creation of large scale murals and smaller art pieces on canvas, all designed and created by the students. Both Royal Road Primary and Don Buck Primary created art pieces that were gifted to the Waitakere City Council and consisted of small canvases , each painted with one letter of the council’s name. Another was an alphabet mural that is now hanging in the Massey Community House . Students also worked together to create school murals, photos of which will be displayed in the near future.

It has been a fantastic journey, many mindsets changed and so many eyes opened to the professional future available to those who want to work hard towards that goal. We hope to gain funding again for a continuation of a programme that is going to be of value not only to the students themselves but also to the wider community. And for them to become citizens who respect and understand their environment. With good feedback from Principals, teachers, and the students themselves, it has proved to be a really great opportunity that we hope more schools will have in the future!


Graffiti Education Coordinator

Note:  With a professional background in graffiti art and over ten years experience I have a passion to see children and youth be all they can be using the tools in their hands. The position of Graffiti Education Coordinator for Neighbourhood Support Waitakere has turned out to be a most exciting and rewarding task.



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