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There is an exciting new initiative being started in your area and we thought your school maybe interested in being part of it.

Project Brief:

The aim of Junior Neighbourhood Support is to promote a sense of pride, safety and community spirit in children, their schools and their wider community.
The programme is run by Neighbourhood Support Waitakere and partnered with the NZ Police, NZ Fire, Civil Defence and others.

The programme rewards and recognizes primary and immediate school students who have done an activity in their school, home or community that contributes to the aim of the project.  Some activity areas are: bike safety, preventing bullying, school or street clean ups, reporting graffiti, awareness/assistance with fire/police services, getting their families to join Neighbourhood Support, helping a neighbour, etc.  Children performing any of these "safety activities" can be nominated by school teachers, principals, local shop owners etc for a recognition award and prize pack at their school assemblies.
It is intended that this programme will positively reinforce areas in the curriculum and existing school programmes eg. DARE, Kia Kaha and Bluelight.

Steps For Schools

The steps involved in a school being involved in the Junior Neighbourhood Support programme are as follows:

  1. Agree to join the programme (receive "Official School" certificate, resources and information)
  2. Nominate a school coordinator
  3. Promote a safety activity in your school
  4. Students start to do safety activities
  5. Nominations are handed in the letterbox at the school office
  6. School coordinator and deputy prinipal choose award recipients
  7. JNS reps meet with school coordinator per term
  8. Awards are presented at the end of each term assemblies
    (With JNS partner involved)
  9. End of year events - "Junior Achiever of the Year" - 'BIG DAY OUT'

We look forward to working with you.





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