Project Award Guidelines


Students are nominated for doing a safety activity that contributed to pride, safety or community spirit in their school, home or elsewhere in their community.

  • They can be nominated by school teachers, principals, shop owners and other.
  • From those nominated (six - eight) students are chosen to receive an award at an assembly.
  • The award consists of a Certificate of Achievement and a prize pack.

These safety activities fall under the following areas:

  • Safe play
  • Fair play
  • Bike safety
  • Respect and support to staff
    awareness and fellow students
  • Preventing/stopping/reporting bullying
  • Pride in school grounds
  • Classroom hazard elimination

Helping others (take someone to the sickbay)
Preventing/reporting bullying
(Peer Mediators, Cool Schools)
Pride in school grounds (environment)

Earthquake drill (policies in place in each class
Walking to/from schools with younger children

  • Respect and support family members
  • Safe play in home and garden
  • Fire Safety and awareness planning
  • Bike Safety an Road Safety
  • Preparation of survival items at home
  • Encourage awareness of Neighbourhood Support and etc
    how your family can become involved

Safe Practices with fires, heaters, etc
Helping clean with the dishes
Encourage family involvement in Safety
Helping with siblings' homework
Initiating sage practices in vehicles
Pick up letter
Helping with the outside chores e.g. gardens
Caring for family pets

  • Report graffiti and vandalism
  • Report damage to school, bus stops etc
  • Show pride/ownership of local bus stops/community buildings etc
  • Assist Police/Fire or Ambulance services
  • Voluntary work within the community
  • Get to know your neighbours

Speaking politely to people in the community
Road Safety practices e.g. wear helmets on
Helping the elderly with their wheelie bins
Picking up litter
Reporting graffiti to the school
Random acts of kindness
Taking care of the environment e.g. parks, etc


Award Criteria

An Act of Community Safety:
  • Home Safety - "Fire Wise" (Smoke alarms)
  • Neighbourhood safety in the community
  • Road Safety
  • Emotional & physical safety at school/community
  • Neighbourhood Support Values:-
    (Inclusive, Responsive & Community Support)
An Act of Community Spirit & Pride:
  • Voluntary work within the community - churches etc
  • Graffiti clean-up
  • Street, parks & reserves, streams clean-up
  • School ground clean-up
  • Show pride - taking ownership, reporting damages
An Act of Assistance Rendered:
  • Medical Emergency
  • Police Emergency
  • Fire Emergency
  • Animal Emergency
  • Civil Defence Emergency



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