Safety Tips

  • Personal Safety in Public

    Topics Covered.

    Handbag safety
    ATM / Credit Card Safety
    What to look for in a Car park
    Obtaining a Good Description
    Describe the following of Offender
    Describe the following of Vehicle
    Reporting on suspicious activity

  • Personal Safety in the home along with Holiday Security Tips

    Knowing how a burglar thinks and operates is good background information to help put things in place to prevent you or someone you know becoming a burglary victim. The following information outlines some practical and simple steps to reduce the risk.

  • Motor Vehicle Crime

    Your motor vehicle is most likely the next most valuable possession after your home and it is possibly the most vulnerable.

    Thousands of cars are stolen every year or broken into and property taken. Some of the vehicles are never recovered and those which are recovered have often been damaged and left undriveable.

    Motor Vehicle crime is a serious problem and apart from the general inconvenience, the loss can be a traumatic experience for the owner.