Safe Plates

Safer Plates & FREE Tool Engraving Events

Neighbourhood Support Waitakere with Waitakere Police Invite you to change your standard number plate screws to safer screws and/or have your tools engraved for FREE


842 number plates were stolen in our district in 2020.

Have your Number Plates screws changed to Safer Screws for $4.00 which covers the cost of the stainless steel screws or its FREE if you have a SuperGold Card.

CASH Only NO Eftpos

Number plates are stolen for the sole purpose of criminal activity.

They then use the stolen plates on vehicles for petrol drive-offs, driving through toll roads, drug crime, burglary and other thefts.

They only care about what is the easiest and fastest number plate to take, they do not carry tools or a toolbox, they only carry a standard phillips x or flathead - screwdriver that they can carry in their pocket.

Sometimes, you do not even know that your plates have been taken, until Police contact you when your stolen plate has been used for a crime.


FREE Tool Engraving - Whether you are a Tradie or you want to bring along your tools from home, come along and take advantage of this FREE service.

Have your tools engraved with your drivers license, so you have a better chance of recovering your tools if they are stolen.

This will also link a criminal with a theft.


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