Safe Plates

Keeping your plates Safer
Neighbourhood Support Waitakere with Waitakere Police
Invite you to change your standard number plate screws to safer screws.

For a donation of $1 per stainless steel screw used = $4.00 per car which to cover the cost of the screws is all it takes to make your plates safer.

SuperGold Card Holder? - Please provide your SuperGold Card to have your screws changed for FREE

Number plates are stolen for the sole purpose of criminal activity.

They then use the stolen plates on vehicles for petrol drive offs, driving through toll roads, drug crime, burglary and other thefts.

People who steal number plates do not care what sort of car or the type of number plate (personalised or standard) you have.

They only care about what is the easiest and fastest number plate to take, they do not carry tools or a tool box, they usually only carry a standard phillips = x or flathead = - screwdriver that they can carry in their pocket.

Sometimes you don't even know that your plates have been taken until you have been contacted by Police when your stolen plate has been used for a crime.

By changing your standard screws you will be saving your self a lot of time and money.

If your plates are stolen you need to report this to Police, then get replacement plates. There may also be a lot of paper work you may have to fill out and complete and most of all this could take up your personal/work time to sort out.

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